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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Video - Preview of September 17 mega-event

Mayweather vs Ortiz fight preview:

"I said it when I was nine years old, one day I'm a be world champion," WBC Welterweight Champion Victor Ortiz said. "And that day I'm gonna also beat Mayweather for the first time ever. I said this when I was nine. I didn't just say this last week, a month ago, three months ago. I said this when I was nine years old... That career is over, mine has just begun."

WHAT? Are you kidding me Victor Ortiz? Are you telling us lies?

Here's the thing - Mayweather's professional debut was on October 11, 1996 versus Roberto Apodaca. That was the same year Ortiz was nine years old. Floyd was a "nobody" during that time in the professional boxing scene because he hasn't proven yet what he has proven today. And Ortiz is telling the world through the HBO video below that he was already aiming for a championship fight against Floyd Mayweather when he was nine? Oh, come on. We know you can hype-up the fight more than that...

"I'm saying this - I have the best trainer in boxing. I have the best team in boxing. You know, I come from a fight family. My dad is a great trainer, my uncle Roger is a great trainer. We have all the right pieces to the puzzle to make certain things happen," said 6-time world champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I also agree to Floyd that he has a great team. This team made him who he is today. It helped him won 41 fights without any defeats.

"Just conquering September 17th for me will be more than planning. You know what - I'm just here to destroy a career. I'm gonna be ruling for a very long time," exclaimed the confident Victor Ortiz who really thinks he has a huge chance against the 34-year-old veteran boxer.

The fight will happen on a weekend after Mexican Independence Day. This is the reason why Golden Boy Promotions included fast-rising boxing star Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and Mexican boxing legend Erik Morales to the undercard. The co-main event is the Alvarez vs Gomez fight which will be held at the Staples Center and also televised at HBO pay-per-view.

Included in the blatant promotion of the upcoming super-fight were a few scuffles and trash-talking. The Mayweather vs Ortiz 24/7 Episode 3 will be this Saturday, September 10 on HBO. The Mayweather vs Ortiz weigh in is on Friday, September 16 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

"One is young, aggressive, with power in both hands, a warrior. He ploughed his way through the division, destroying opponents in his path to become the WBC (World Boxing Council) Welterweight Champion of the world. A man who has overcome tremendous obstacles outside the ring... The other is a prodigy in a league of his own. Many say the best ever to lace up a pair of gloves. Never beaten, never really hurt in a fight with a hit and don't get hit style that has led to many knockouts. One-a-star in every sense of the word inside and outside the sport."

On Saturday, September 17th, two of boxing's biggest stars will collide - Mayweather vs Ortiz.

Will we see Floyd on the canvass for the very first time? Will we see a battle for the ages? Or will we see Floyd Mayweather stay unbeaten?

It's all going to happen in a blink of an eye, travelling at the speed of light....