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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Only way for Ortiz to win is by KO

A lot of boxing lovers out there believed that underdog Ortiz has a chance to win against heavy-favorite Floyd Mayweather Jr. According to many comments found on forums and other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Victor Ortiz can win against Floyd if he goes for the KO. If the fight goes the distance, it will be a sure win f Mayweather because he has better defense and throws accurate punches.

Knockout artist Victor Ortiz is one of the few boxers today that still has the killer instinct. In his 29 wins, 22 are won via stoppage. He has a higher KO percentage compared to American Floyd Jr.

Aaccording to boxing fan Eddie Pullman, Victor Ortiz must KO Floyd Mayweather Jr or he will lose on the score cards, round after round. Ortiz has the power to get it done but he cannot outbox Floyd. So if Ortiz does not KO Floyd, it's another victory for Mayweather.

Christopher YQue Cruz, another boxing fan sees Ortiz hurting Mayweather in the fight. He says Ortiz's got to attack early, then box a couple of rounds and save energy for later rounds - that's if Floyd is not knock out by then. It's the only way to defeat Floyd. Ortiz can't make mistakes in the fight or Floyd will make him pay.

Gary Radley is hoping Ortiz gets a flash knockout. He doesn't think it will happen but it will surely make him laugh. He also added that if Floyd lose to Ortiz it will be bad for possible Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight. He wants Floyd to win and he sees the undefeated boxer winning by points.

"Vicious" Victor Ortiz is a young boxer who is still at the prime of his career. At 24 years old, he will be a bit stronger and faster than Floyd in the early rounds. Mayweather is already 34 years old and has been inactive from the sport for 16 months. He last fought Shane Mosley in May 2010 but he is still confident he will still be the same Floyd the world has seen.

Mayweather vs Ortiz is on September 17. A lot of boxing bettors are putting their money on Floyd. The odds are high for Mayweather but Ortiz should not be taken for granted. If Ortiz's game plan is to knock Mayweather in the first quarter of the fight, he has a huge chance of pulling the biggest upset in the history of boxing.