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24/7 Episode 3 - Mayweather vs Ortiz

24/7 Episode 3 - Mayweather vs Ortiz by HBO

Starts September 10, 2011

Mayweather vs Ortiz 24/7 Episode 3

Before you watch Mayweather vs Ortiz 24/7 Episode 3 videos below, let's have a short review on what happened on the previous episode which was aired on September 3, 2011 at 10pm on HBO.

Please share and watch Mayweather-Ortiz live and FREE on Sept 17

Please share and watch Mayweather-Ortiz live and FREE on Sept 17

Episode 2 of 24/7 Mayweather vs Ortiz commenced by showing the majestic bright lights of the city of Las Vegas, Nevada where the fight of Mayweather vs Ortiz will happen on September 17, 2011 inside the MGM Grand Arena. Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr was taking part in a video shoot for 50 cent where Mike Tyson was also included. Then the show got a bit ridiculous, as Floyd Mayweather and bestfriend 50 cent used piles of cash as phones, breaking down the grumble between Floyd Sr and Floyd Jr in the Mayweather vs Ortiz 24/7 Episode 1.

Mayweather vs Ortiz 24/7 Episode 3

“I could care less what my father is doing,” Little Floyd said.

All through the show, Mayweather Jr hurled quite a few verbal abuse at "Vicious" Victor Ortiz, together with a commentary on Victor’s knockout loss to Marcos Rene Maidana in 2009, where Ortiz undoubtedly appeared to give up, and afterward claimed that he wasn’t entirely there in that fight.

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Mayweather vs Ortiz 24 7 Episode 3

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“I wasn’t there that night.’ Mother— you were on the canvas!” Mayweather said.

On the other side, Victor Ortiz was unruffled and composed in a zone, listening to his tunes. He makes his way to Los Angeles to tape a Piers Morgan show, and hangs out with "Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya. A clip from the show displays Victor Ortiz with buoyancy.

“Fear is not even in my dictionary,” Ortiz said.

Going back to Floyd Mayweather's camp, Cornelius Boza-Edwards watches over Roger Mayweather, as his physical condition has exhausted because of diabetes. Roger Mayweather explicates the legal charges he’s facing due to a divergence with a female fighter.

“She hit me, she got to learn a damn lesson,” Roger Mayweather exclaimed.

Switching back at the Victor's camp, De La Hoya visits Ortiz and gives him some guidance and words of support.

“I was done when he fought me. This is a whole different game for him. He should be the underdog,” De La Hoya told Ortiz.

We then see Victor getting a rub down, and he gets into a tale concerning the modification of his tattoo on his back. Before, he had the name “Ortiz” tattooed on his back, but rapidly changed it when his dad told him he was proud to notice his family name on his son’s rear. Ortiz covered the name up with a fresh drawing.
Back at the Mayweather training gym, after Mayweather’s third exercise of the day, fans were treated to an unrehearsed song by the boxer himself with a singing tone not on the same level with his boxing skills. He ends the song saying that his haters won’t get their cash back, for the reason that pay-per-view is non-refundable.

Victor Ortiz called out Floyd Mayweather for his unsavory act of blazing cash in public.

“If you’re really that careless about money like that then who knows where the rest of your life will take you,” Ortiz exclaimed. “I don’t think he could quite handle the adversities I have.”

At the end of the show, Mayweather run and tells his fans that his father was a crap boxer, "Victor Ortiz looks like a Victoria Secret Model,” and “Oscar De La Hoya is in drag, doing coke,” he added.

Watch Mayweather vs Ortiz 24/7 Episode 3 by HBO on September 10, 2011 at 7pm PT. Mayweather vs Ortiz 24/7 Episode 4 will be on September 16.

Hope you enjoy enjoyed the Part 3 of the HBO 24/7...