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Friday, September 2, 2011

Video: Floyd Mayweather fight speak

Undefeated American Floyd Mayweather Jr discusses about his ring strategies in his fights with the previously undefeated Ricky "The Hitman" Hatton and Mexico's number one boxer Juan Manuel "El Dinamita" Marquez as he prepares to face Victor Ortiz for the WBC (World Boxing Council) Welterweight Belt. Mayweather vs Ortiz will be on Saturday, September 17th only on HBO pay-per-view.

"In the Hatton fight, Ricky was all coming to play a lot of pressure - because every fighter has a game plan to apply a lot of pressure. Pressure, pressure, pressure. My thing is just to be me. Be the Floyd Mayweather and stick to what I've been doing," said Mayweather who knocked Hatton down in the 11th round of their fight. "I felt in my heart once I dropped him then he got up, I feel that the fight was over. When he got up he's still was kinda weary. I'm glad that Joe Cortez gave him the chance to keep fighting - a guy who has fought his whole life to get to that point - you got to give him a chance, you got to give him the opportunity."

"Marquez was a comeback fight. I had to be very cautious because I was off for two years. Just take my time and be smart, take control from the opening bell and dominate the fight," said Mayweather when asked about his strategies for the fight against Juan Manuel Marquez. He knocked Marquez down in the 2nd round and the Mexican champion was no longer the same in the following rounds.

"Marquez is a future hall of famer. A guy who is known to get knocked down more than once in a round and comeback and perform well. I know I had to be on my A-game; he had to do the same. When me and Marquez met, the best man that night was myself."

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