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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Confident Mayweather bets Ortiz and Oscar $2.5-M each

Obviously because of his clean record as a boxing professional, Floyd Mayweather Jr is over-confident that he will win on Sept 17 against current World Boxing Council Welterweight title-holder Victor Ortiz Jr.

"If Victor Ortiz believes in himself and Oscar De La Hoya believe in Victor Ortiz, I bet 'em both $2.5 million a piece," according to Floyd as he took a short rest from punching the heavy bag. He told the media and fans who were in front of him that he's more than willing to see just how positive his opponent Victor Ortiz, as well as his promoter Oscar de la Hoya, really are concerning their odds to be the first to break his clean undefeated record.

During the media workout yesterday, Floyd looked sharp and confident of his win in the upcoming Ortiz vs Mayweather fight ten days from now. After he told everyone about the bet, the room immediately went soundless as Floyd made it apparent that he's being serious about his offer.

Floyd then disclosed that Ortiz will only get $2.5 million from the fight and if he agrees to bet it, it will either be doubled or he will get nothing from the fight if he lost. This will be the first time Victor get an amount as huge as this but this is still very small thinking that he will be the one defending the belt and the fight will be on pay-per-view.

"So then we got Victor Ortiz, I seen him in Victoria Secrets outfits, so how we can handle this is this, you know your payday is $2.5 million Victor, so you go and bet your $2.5 and Oscar is going to put $2.5 up on it. So I got a $5 million bet right now," Mayweather said. He is expected to get over $15 million from the event and the pay-per-view incentives.

In the following days, we will know if Ortiz is willing to bet his $2.5 million against Mayweather. He is also confident of winning against the undefeated American boxing star so there must be a possibility of putting all the money at risk - it either becomes $5-M or $0.

There's a huge chance that Oscar de la Hoya will also bet $2.5 million. He is very vocal about his confidence on Victor winning the fight against Mayweather.

Mayweather vs Ortiz is on September 17 at 9pm ET / 6m PT.