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Friday, September 16, 2011

Fight Analysis

The Mayweather vs Ortiz fight is very much in the air now. Many boxing fans waited for Floyd Mayweather's comeback fight - and they were expecting it to be against Manny Pacquiao - but Floyd chose another southpaw, Victor Ortiz. Searches at Google about Ortiz vs Mayweather is very overwhelming now, we can really see the increase in the search results in the United States and other parts of the world.

Floyd Mayweather's patented shoulder-roll defense will surely frustrate Victor on Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz fight night. Even though their camp reviewed the tape repeatedly, Mayweather's defense will still be the best in the sport. "Pretty Boy" used to be the moniker of Mayweather because no one has really dismantled his face yet. One opponent after another, Floyd has used the shoulder-roll as a technique to deny the onslaught oppositions' give him.

Danny Garcia believes that there is a solution on Floyd's shoulder-roll and that is to bring him to the ropes. Ortiz will then fight in close distance. If Victor can make it a phone-booth fight, he has a chance of landing a huge uppercut that can surely hurt Mayweather.

Not only Mayweather is a great defensive fighter, he is also a great counter-puncher. He has proven this against Juan Manuel Marquez, a well-known counter-puncher, whom he defeated in a lopsided fight. Ortiz's answer to the counter-punching ability of Floyd will be to move forward and fight in the closest distance possible.

Ortiz is a southpaw, which means he uses the left hand with greater skill than the right, and many boxers do not like fighting a southpaw. Floyd has faced six of them and struggled - Corley and Judah were some of the notable boxers who really hurt Mayweather. Victor has knockout power in both his hands and Mayweather should be very careful in the first few rounds of the fight. Ortiz has scored a knock down in all the opponents he has faced and Floyd may be an addition to his victims.

On Mayweather vs Ortiz fight night, it is likely Victor will give Floyd the worst beating of his career but the latter will still emerge victorious. I am expecting a unanimous decision victory for Mayweather. How do you see fight happening?

Ortiz vs Mayweather weigh in is on September 16 at 2:45pm PT.  Watch the Mayweather vs Ortiz Replay and you will surely say that my expectations were correct.