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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The WILL, the PASSION and the HEART to win

We are very close to seeing one of boxing’s most anticipated match-up - Mayweather vs Mosley. It has been said a long, long time ago that whoever has the biggest heart during fight night will win the game. Who R U Picking? Floyd Mayweather or Shane Mosley?

The Mosley vs Mayweather fight has divided boxing fans with Mayweather as the favorite but with not that much of an edge against Mosley. Because of Mayweather’s “Zero”, a lot of people thought he is already boxing’s superstar and the man who can beat him is not yet born. Floyd is one who brags about his money and how he gets a lot of people to watch him when he fights. He blusters about his PPV and gate numbers and says his name is very popular in the boxing scene that people look up to him as the King of Boxing.

Mosley on the other hand is a humble fighter. He has 5 losses and has been noted to fight a lot of prime boxers. His 2 upsets against the Hall of Famer Oscar dela Hoya has been one of his notable fights. Shane Mosley is telling everyone that he will be Floyd’s best opponent so far. With his speed and hand skills, he has the ability to KO Mayweather in any round. He punches the puncher, he slugs the slugger and he boxes the boxer. Mosley is all about the WILL to win and hopefully he can prove to the world that he can beat Floyd Mayweather and then Manny Pacquiao to have a “Cinderella” ending.

Mayweather is a boxing sensation and a money maker. He has showed the world that he can outclass Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez, he has demonstrated how to stop Britain’s top boxer, Ricky Hatton and he has proved that he can beat the Golden Boy. In the upcoming Mayweather vs Mosley fight he will show us his PASSION on winning.

But even if Floyd Mayweather is undefeated, he has showed signs that he can be defeated. He has some “chinks in the armor” which Mosley can exploit. During the fight against Zab Judah, Floyd has showed flaws in the early rounds but has done several techniques to change the game in the later rounds. In the fight against Oscar dela Hoya, Floyd almost lost but luckily got the Split Decision from the judges. These two fights are Naazim Richardson’s favorite tapes and have likely made a blueprint on how to defeat the “Moneymaker”.

Mosley is telling the world that May 1st will be an upset and will try to deliver a KO win. His stoppage against Antonio Margarito in January 2009 proved to the world that he still has the ability to KO one of the best Welterweights. He doesn’t care about the underdog tag and telling everyone that during his fight against Margarito, people were worried about his health and Margarito is going to retire him. But what happened? If Margarito didn’t put on his Kryptonite, Mosley could have win before the 6th round.

According to Mosley, the first round will be putting some traps and determine what Floyd is going to reveal. He said that he’s probably able to tell from the first bell what kind of fight it’s going to be.

Mosley vs Mayweather is going to be a hell of a fight. The both addressed nagging criticisms about each other during the last press conference. Mayweather told everyone last Wednesday that he don’t know how many fights Mosley fought clean, recalling the incident where Shane used performance-enhancing drugs 7 years ago.

Mosley told Mayweather that he (Floyd) deserves credit for taking this chance to fight him as he stands as the toughest opponent Mayweather has fought in his entire career. Mayweather has been criticized for failing to engage in a classic brawl.

Mayweather has always been reluctant to acknowledge Mosley’s talent and has said Mosley is “just a fighter” not like him an “entertainer” and can make things happen. He is proud of saying that he’s the boxer to “take less punishments” in bouts. Mosley called Mayweather “a special fighter” and told Floyd that it will take unusual efforts to beat him.

Prior to the Mayweather vs Mosley bout on May 1, the U.S Anti-Doping Agency or USADA has subjected the two fighters to four blood draws and eight urine tests in a random manner. This will prove that they are both clean once they enter the ring. This is not required by the Neveda State Athletic Commission but since Floyd insisted on doing such tests, Mosley has no choice but to agree.

Richard Schaefer an executive of Golden Boy Promotions is favoring Shane Mosley to win in this bout and he doesn’t want to hear another word about Mosley’s use of BALCO in 2003. He credits Mosley that he can show to the world that he is the best boxer.

Hours from now we will be witnessing the Mosley vs Mayweather classic bout. We all have our bets, we all have our predictions and we all have our prayers on who will win the fight. Will it be Floyd Mayweather? Will it be Shane Mosley? I tell everyone, whoever has the biggest HEART on May 1, 2010 at MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada will be the one to “bring home the bacon”.

Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream is available online. Just be sure to have the compatible software to view the channel.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Live Streaming, Undercards and More

The most exciting bout between undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Sugar Shane Mosley is scheduled on Saturday May 1, 2010. The Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream is available via subscription at HBO Pay-Per-View beginning 9pm Eastern Time and 6pm Pacific Standard Time. The fight will be held at the Fight Night Club, MGM Grand Garden Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada. Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be in the Red Corner and Sugar Shane Mosley will be in the Blue Corner.

After the Mosley-Berto scheduled fight broke due to uncontrollable circumstances on Berto’s family in Haiti and the fall of Mayweather-Pacquiao negotiations, the Mayweather vs Mosley is finally settled and inked. The 5 year older Shane Mosley is expected to give his best shot for the possible last fight of his boxing career and Floyd Mayweather at 33 years old is anticipated to do his trademark shoulder curls and out-of-nowhere straights and jabs. This is going to be one thrilling boxing match in the Welterweight Division and will prove to the world that the winner is the real king of welterweight.

Watching the Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream has never been this easier. There are hundreds of websites that offer the free Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream, including this. This upcoming fight of two great warriors who will never ever back down is going to be one of the most anticipated fights in the history of boxing and millions of people will be looking for the free live streaming.

Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream is available online using the software named Sopcast. You can download the installer via the or you can search at After installing the software, you can log-on as anonymous or guest and you will need to enter the link of the channel to the Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream in order to watch the fight. Don’t worry, the team will provide the link to the channel so be sure to bookmark this website and check it out regularly. We also don’t want to give the link to all the people in the world because we don’t want the Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream to be lag during the fight night due to thousands of people viewing it. So we will be limiting the number of days to show the link to the channel here.

Mayweather vs Mosley Undercards

Before the fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Sugar Shane Mosley happens there will be several top boxing contenders who will show us their skills inside the ring.

In the welterweight division, unbeaten Saul Alvarez, 19 years old will fight against the veteran contender Jose Miguel Cotto, the brother of Miguel Angel Cotto in a bout of 10-rounds. In a featherweight match ex-World Champion Daniel Ponce de Leon will fight against Cornelius Lock, also in a 10-round bout. Welterweight Hector David Saldivia will take on Said Ouali in another 10-round bout.

Mayweather vs Mosley Pay Per View

The May 1 fight – Who R U Picking Pay-Per-View telecast is distributed and produced by HBO Pay-Per-View. It has a suggested retail price of $55 and it is expected to be available in millions of pay-per-view homes. The live telecast will be available in High Definition (HD) TV for those users who can receive HD signals. HBO PPV is a division of Home Box Office, Inc. and they are the leading supplier of event programming such as boxing and other sports to the PPV industry.

Mayweather vs Mosley Promo

Who R U Picking? The Floyd Mayweather vs Shane Mosley Boxing Match on May 1st is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Mayweather Promotions. The major sponsors of this event are Cerveza Tecate, Dewalt Tools, StubHub and AT&T. There are several local and foreign minor sponsors who also helped to make this fight a success. The fight between Sugar Shane Mosley and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will surely be a flamboyant match-up as it is expected to heat-up from 1st round up to 12th round. It is already being compared to classic match-ups and will be one of boxing’s most memorable fights.

The Mayweather vs Mosley tickets are available at and for $1250, $1000, $600, $300 and $150. Service charges are not included in the price so be sure to bring in some extra cash to your pocket. Tickets priced $300 and above are limited to be sold at 10 per person and those tickets that are priced at $150 are limited to 2 per person. You can also call Ticketmaster at (800) 745-3000 if you want to charge the payment with a major credit card.

Other options to watching the fight

Finding the Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream may be frustrating but it can surely save you a lot of money. Entities such as JustinTv and uStream have the possibility to show the Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream. Watching the fight at these sites can be a little irritating as the streaming or downloading is not that good especially if you have slow internet connection. Why waste your time for a bad reception when you can get a free link to the Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream that has a good reception at this site?

You can also watch the Mayweather vs Mosley boxing fight at movie theaters with price ranging from $10 to $20 depending on the quality of audio, video and seats. Some offer free lunch and drinks to their customers. Another option to watch the Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream is at restaurants at a price range of $20 to $30 which is quite better than seeing the fight at $55 at your house without any free buffet and at a small screen.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

All about Mayweather vs Mosley – Who are you picking?

After an impressive win by Floyd Mayweather against Juan Manuel Marquez, we saw a very desperate Sugar Shane Mosley who went inside the ring to challenge Floyd to a boxing match. It was later put on the backburner because the boxing fans in general want a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

In the last quarter of 2009, Andre Berto who was undefeated, challenged Shane Mosley to a match at the welterweight division, which Mosley surprisingly agreed. It was scheduled to happen last Jan 31, 2010 and everything was already set until the Haiti earthquake happened. Many of Berto’s relatives were dead and several others were injured.

When Manny Pacquiao won against Miguel Cotto last November 14, 2009 at Las Vegas Nevada, he was challenged by the fans to fight against Floyd Mayweather to prove who the real number 1 pound for pound boxer in the world. Manny Pacquiao was open to fighting Floyd but would leave it to his promoter Bob Arum of Top Ranks to be on papers. Mayweather who had several interviews (before the March 13, 2010 date was set) was challenging Pacquiao telling him to step up the plate and fight him.

The Mayweather Father and Son tandem where accusing Manny Pacquiao of using steroids and performance enhancing drugs. Mayweather resulted in asking for Olympic Style Drug Testing to be done by the USADA randomly which was not required by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Manny Pacquiao who suggested to have a blood test a month before the fight and after the fight did not get what he wants. Pacquiao sued Floyd Mayweather of defamation and did not agree to Floyd’s conditions.

After the collapse of Mosley-Berto and Mayweather-Pacquiao, a Mayweather vs Mosley was developed by Golden Boy Promotions in association with Mayweather Promotions. The Mayweather vs Mosley was initially scheduled on March 13, 2010 in simultaneous with the Pacquiao vs Clottey fight. The former to be at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas and the latter at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. Only the Pacquiao vs Clottey fight happened because a lot of boxing fans were planning to boycott the Mayweather vs Mosley fight.

Richard Schaffer and Oscar dela Hoya decided to move the Mayweather vs Mosley fight on a later date which was then scheduled on May 1, 2010. Golden Boy promotions were expecting to make more than 3 million Pay per View buys and thousands of viewers at the MGM Grand.

Mayweather vs Mosley: Tale of the Tape

Floyd Mayweather has a perfect record of 40 wins with 0 losses. He has 25 wins by KO. He is 5’8” in height and has a reach of 72”. His last five fights were against Juan Manuel Marquez (UD-12), Ricky Hatton (TKO-10), Oscar dela Hoya (SD-12), Carlos Baldomir (UD-12) and Zab Judah (UD-12). All of his last 5 fights happened in Las Vegas, Nevada. His nicknames were “Pretty Boy Floyd” because nobody has scratched his face yet and “Money Mayweather” because he is a prize fighter due to his zero loss. He is an American who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Floyd Mayweather is already 33 years old and his fight stance is Orthodox.

Shane Mosley on the other hand is an inch taller than Floyd and has a reach advantage of 2”. His last 5 fights were against Antonio Margarito (TKO-9), Ricardo Mayorga (TKO-12), Miguel Cotto (Loss UD-12), Luiz Collazo (UD-12) and Fernando Vargas (TKO-6). Shane fought a total of 52 fights with 46 wins, 5 losses and 1 no contest. He is also an American who lives in Lynwood, California. His fighting stance is Orthodox and is now 38 years old. His nickname is “Sugar Shane” because of his sweet wins.

Preview on Mayweather vs Mosley

This coming May 1st at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Nevada, Floyd Mayweather and Shane Mosley will meet in the ring. The World Boxing Association (WBA) Super World Welterweight title is on the line for Mosley but not for Floyd. It is one of the biggest boxing matches in the first half of the year. This should serve as the integrity of both fighters in the welterweight division and will open a fight to Manny Pacquiao to be hailed the number 1 boxer in the world.

This fight of Mayweather and Mosley is a match between two of the top three boxers in the welterweight division. The other one is Manny Pacquiao who recently won against Joshua Clottey. Mayweather and Mosley are two of the top 10 boxers in the world. It’s a fight many thought should have happened years ago because Floyd Mayweather did not agree and picked opponents in the lighter division.

For Shane Mosley, it will be an all-out-war and nothing to lose from this bout. The Welterweight belt is for him if he wins this. The paycheck he gets will be one of his highest in his boxing history. He is enjoying a shot of proving to the world that he is the best fighter in the welterweight division.

For Floyd Mayweather, the money is still with him. A win on this fight will bring another opening to a fight against the number 1 boxer in the world, Manny Pacquiao. Floyd might be able to convince Pacquiao to take on the random drug testing to make sure both fighters are clean when they come up the ring but is very less possible. Pacquiao will surely stick to his conditions not to draw blood from his body 30 days before the fight and would allow them to extract blood after the fight. According to Bob Arum, if Mayweather wins this May 1st, he will try to convince both camps to settle the issue and develop the fight to happen later this year.

This fight is one of Floyd Mayweather’s toughest. This will tell everyone that he is not a cherry picker. Shane Mosley who recently won against Antonio Margarito in a very punishing 9th round will try his luck to get the “zero from the hero”.

Analysis on Mayweather vs Mosley

Shane Mosley has been out of the boxing scene for 15 months. Many say he is already a rusty fighter and at his age of 38, he can no longer take on a smart fighter in Floyd Mayweather. 15 months is the longest cease in Mosley’s whole boxing career and he is already showing signs of aging in his Margarito, Mayorga and Cotto bouts. He wasn’t the same when he fought Oscar dela Hoya. On the other point of view, Mosley’s body could be in Tip Top condition because of the long layoff. It could recover from severe damages from his previous fights. We all know a Sugar Shane Mosley will continue to exercise and condition himself even if he doesn’t have any scheduled fights. He has started training 3-4 months ahead of Floyd Mayweather because of his anticipated fight against Andre Berto which didn’t happened. The question is will Shane Mosley be coming out from a stunning training camp with his coach Naazim Richardson? Will his age and inactivity for more than a year in the boxing ring be a factor?

Floyd Mayweather who retired after the Ricky Hatton fight came back and fought Juan Manuel Marquez. Being a rusty boxer is not what he was showing to the boxing fans when he fought Marquez. The perfect set of ring skills in Floyd Mayweather could be a factor in the upcoming Mayweather vs Mosley fight. Floyd who has been out-boxing small-time fighters over the years will now prove to the world that he is the real boxing sensation. His only near-loss experience was with Oscar dela Hoya. Floyd’s fight against Zab Judah may be one of his toughest because of Judah’s speed and intelligence in the ring but wasn’t enough to win against Floyd.

Shane Mosley is not the same (or better) Shane Mosley we know when he was in the lightweight division fighting prime boxing superstars. He still possesses an exceptional hand-speed at his age and his accuracy is still at a high level. Mayweather who usually starts slow and tries to find out the fighting style of his enemy in the first 3-4 round will be the best time for Mosley to give his best shots. Mayweather has an exceptional defense and using his shoulder roll was very effective in the Hatton and Marquez bouts. This could be the same tactic that Floyd may use but will have a variety of styles when he fights Mosley.

If Floyd Mayweather’s plan of counter-punching and making the fight at his pace works, he will surely win this fight. Mosley’s hand-speed may prove ineffective if Floyd has device a tactic to counter it. Mosley is expected to start working with the body first then move to the head in the middle rounds. If Mayweather cannot get his rhythm inside the ring, it will surely end up a Mosley win.

Mosley will be more aggressive than ever and Floyd will respond to Mosley’s aggression and speed. Floyd may continue to run in circles and counter-punch and Mosley will try to get Floyd near the ropes. The fighter who can adjust fast to the strategies by the other fighter will possibly win the fight.

If Mosley can land a staggering punch on Floyd and continue to be aggressive without compromising much of his defense, this game will be his. If Floyd Mayweather continues to amaze the boxing fans of his smart ring skills with perfect defense and out-of-nowhere-heavy-punches, he will emerge victorious.

Predictions on Mayweather vs Mosley

A lot of boxing enthusiast and fans have been writing about Mayweather vs Mosley in the last months. They have been pairing the two in a lot of factors such as agility, defense, chin, body and a lot more. Mayweather is slightly favored because of his zero loss and fan base. Mosley is not as popular as Floyd but many still believes he is the better of the two.

In the first 3 rounds, it will be a Mosley showdown. Staggering and hammering Floyd will be his game. He will try to get an accurate heavy blast on Floyd’s body and head. He will continue to use his powerful left-hook to try taking down Floyd in the first few rounds. Floyd will continue to do his patented shoulder roll and defensive tactics to try to study the fighting style of Mosley and will try to counterpunch and get the better of the two. Floyd might be able to hurt Shane Mosley in the early rounds because of Mosley’s aggression and slightly poor defense.

The first four to five rounds will be Mosley’s game. On the sixth round Floyd will show some of the counters after knowing the game plan of Mosley. This will be crucial for Floyd because he needs to impress the audience and judges that he is better in the middle rounds. This will help Floyd get back in the scorecards. Floyd will be using his arsenal to beat Mosley and show him who is boss but the latter will surely not back-off.

Mosley will be slow in the middle rounds as Mayweather will try to control the pace of the game. The seventh to ninth round will be something boring. Mayweather will continue striking Mosley with his unexpected straight rights but will surely have a hard time doing his thing as Mosley will continue with his combos. Mosley will try to limit the space of Mayweather and bring him to the ropes and do his thing.

By the tenth round, this will be an even fight for both fighters. It will be a question of who has the bigger heart. Mosley will continue with his aggression and Mayweather will continue with his counter-punching and sudden attacks. If Mosley lands a big blow at Mayweather’s face, this could end in a TKO win for him. If Mayweather lands the perfect counter-punch similar to the Hatton fight, Mosley will kiss the canvass. This fight is expected to swing both ways. If Mosley will compromise a lot of his defense for his offense, Floyd will exploit it leaving Mosley vulnerable to a KO and if Mayweather doesn’t have an answer to Mosley’s hand skills, he will loss in the scoring.

I predict a Shane Mosley win over Floyd Mayweather. It will be a Unanimous Decision as the judges will be more impressed by Mosley’s aggression against Floyd’s defense and counter-punching. If Mosley wins this, I hope a Pacquiao vs Mosley fight will happen, but if this will happen, I am not for Mosley, I’ll be for Manny Pacquiao.

Where to watch Mayweather vs Mosley

On May 1st, you can watch Mayweather vs Mosley on this website, so be sure to BOOKMARK THIS WEBSITE (Press Ctrl+D) first to avoid the hassles. Download Sopcast, then we will provide you a channel or link to the FREE live streaming. Be sure to watch Mayweather vs Mosley so you won’t be left behind by your friends and colleagues when they talk about what happened on one of the boxing sensation in the first half of the year.

The Mayweather vs Mosley bout is also shown in more than 400 theaters in the United States. This is another way of giving boxing fans an option to watch the mega fight at a lower rate. This will enable friends and families avoid the hassles and squeeze in bars and restaurants at a price of almost $50 to see the fight on Pay per View. The cost of tickets is $20 which is a lot better than paying $50 just to see it on a small screen without a comfy seat. Theater tickets can be purchased at or at the theaters and malls. Richard Schaefer of Golden Boy Promotions continues to say that this Mayweather vs Mosley fight will have be the biggest PPV event in the whole history of boxing because of their marketing strategies and partnerships with other entities.

Friday, April 16, 2010

At the apex of their career

This coming May 1st at Las Vegas, Nevada will be an all out Mayweather vs Mosley war. Floyd Mayweather with a perfect record of 40 wins with 25 wins by way of knockout and 0 losses is expected to be a boring fighter, doing the same shoulder curls and defenses he did in the dela Hoya fight. Shane Mosley with a record of 46 wins with 39 wins by way of knockout, 5 losses and 1 no contest, is anticipated to bring on the fire once the bell rings at the MGM Grand.

Mosley who recently won against Antonio “Tijuana Tornado” Margarito where he almost killed him with those super-sick punches, is coming up to the ring with Mayweather, not only for the money he will get after the fight but also the pride and opening door to fight the world’s number 1 pound for pound boxer, Manny Pacquiao.

Whoever losses in the Mayweather vs Mosley boxing match will surely end his career. Why? Let me give you a couple of reasons. Mayweather, who was picking light punchers in the last couple of years, is now picking one of the best in the Welterweight division,  the other best in this weight class together with Shane Mosley are Manny Pacquiao and of course Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather have decided to fight the “lesser evil” opponent as he don’t want Manny Pacquiao to give him his first loss. Mosley who is 2nd best to Pacquiao is Floyd’s next option and leaves Floyd no choice but to fight Mosley to get a good paycheck and a spectacular ending in his boxing career after this fight. I don’t see a Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight happening in the future as Mayweather will continue his demands for random drug testing and Pacquiao will never ever give in.

If the Mayweather vs Mosley becomes a win for Shane it will start rumors to have a Mosley vs Pacquiao fight but I don’t see this happening too. Mosley is already 38 years old and his punches have already degraded. He is no longer the same Shane Mosley 3 years ago, who fought prime fighters and who has the perfect hand speed and lateral movements. He may be able to outbox Floyd but won’t take the latter to the canvas.

Floyd at 33 years old may win in the Mayweather vs Mosley Fight next month but will be very hard for him. In his last 5 fights, he was very picky with his opponents, choosing them from a lower weight division. In the next two years, Mayweather will reduce his hand speed and defense due to aging which will be a deciding factor for him to retire for good after this fight and focus on his Mayweather Foundation and Promotions.

This is the Pinnacle fight for both Floyd and Shane. The Mayweather vs Mosley is expected to get as high as 3 million PPV buys as it is strategically promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and HBO. After this fight both fighters will decide to end their career as a boxer but may continue to be in the boxing genre.

Watch Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream only at this website. Be sure to bookmark us so can easily see the fight of Mayweather vs Mosley: Who R U Picking on May 1, 2010 live and free.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream

Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream
On May 1, 2010, two of the best boxers in the planet will collide. Mayweather vs Mosley on “Who R U Picking?”

The highly anticipated match between Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Sugar Shane Mosley will be live over HBO PPV as well as in the internet. A lot of people searched for Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream but they go to the pages they don’t want – all advertisements, no Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream. It is the biggest fight of boxing and is expecting to get over 3,000,000 Pay per View buys. But there are a lot of people who want to watch the Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream Online. How are they going to get it for free? Well, the answer is… on May 1, 2010, visit this website and we will give you instructions on how to watch the Mayweather vs Mosley Fight Live. But since it’s not yet May 1, just continue to read below.

The Floyd Mayweather vs Sugar Shane Mosley should serve to answer many questions about both man’s integrity in the welterweight division as well as their positioning amongst the pound-for-pound and all-timers from this generation.

Floyd Mayweather has a perfect record of 40 wins in 40 fights and 25 wins by way of knockout. He is 5′8” in height and has a reach of 72”. Last three fights are against Oscar dela Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Juan Manuel Marquez. He is a 5-division title holder. Sugar Shane Mosley on the other hand has a record of 46 wins, 39 wins are by way of knockout and has 5 losses. He is 5’9” in height and has a reach of 74”. Last 3 fights are against Antonio Margarito, Luiz Collazo and Miguel Cotto.

It is said that after this May 1 fight between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Sugar Shane Mosley, the winner of the bout will fight Manny Pacquiao to really prove who the #1 pound for pound king really is. It’s a fight that many feel should have happened years ago. In truth, both Floyd and Shane’s camps turned down or looked beyond possible match-ups with one another over the years, this fight is a certain case of “better late than never”.

This fight should not have been possible if the fight between Mosley and Berto happened last January, but since the Haiti earthquake happened and some of Berto’s family died from the incident, the fight was cancelled and both Mosley and Berto were scheduled to fight other opponents. The Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight should have happened in March 13 but the negotiations fell due to Mayweather’s request of random drug testing and Pacquiao didn’t agree. So a Pacquiao vs Clottey was made fast.

If Floyd Mayweather preserves his 0 after this fight, a possible Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight will happen later this year. But If Shane Mosley scores an upset, the Mosley vs Pacquiao will surely happen instead of the most anticipated Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

Sugar Shane has nothing to lose in this fight. He is enjoying a second shot at being a top-level fighter which most thought has already gone because of his age. If he loses against Floyd, he still becomes a hall of famer who was expected to give his best when he was still young. All he can say if he loses this fight is “I’m too old, I’ll retire now”. On the other hand, it is everything on the line for Floyd Mayweather, if he wins this fight he will still be the talk of the town as being the #1 boxer in his generation and he will have the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight to happen. This will prove that Mayweather is not avoiding any big challengers and throw one of his monicker as “The Cherry Picker”.

Watch the Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream only on this website.