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Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Simple and Easy Warm-up for Mayweather Jr?

Ever since Floyd widely declared his fight with Victor Ortiz, there has been a lot of debate as to whether or not Victor Ortiz is indeed a worthwhile opponent. Mayweather vs Ortiz will be on September 17.

Ortiz is returning from his most impressive fight so far and is the present WBC Welterweight Champion. Hence, the 24 years old Kansas native fighter is as self-assured just like any in boxing and truly feels that he can win a scrap with Floyd Jr.

His fight with Andre Berto not just showed us that Ortiz definitely has the heart and intellectual strength, additionally it proved what his trainers sensed all throughout; that Victor Ortiz belonged within the welterweight division.

Even though Victor Ortiz boasts a fantastic knock-out ratio and he has injured every single foe he has encountered, even in loss, most boxing commentators have dismissed him as a easy tune-up for the ultimate bout with widely recognized P4P king, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao.

Could a fight against Ortiz only a warm-up for Mayweather Jr, or perhaps is a way more dangerous match up than many realize?

Although a match up with this caliber may be a bit premature for this developing Hispanic boxer, Ortiz is incredibly confident and matches up effectively versus a uptight counter puncher who boxes out of the orthodox stance.

Any fighter which traditionally fights using the Michigan defensive style of rolling the shoulders usually has stylistic problems versus a southpaw, mainly because the defensive fighter rolls far from his opponent’s offensive punches. Whenever fighting a left handed fighter, the defensive counter-puncher normally finds himself moving into the backhand of the southpaw boxer.

To find a fighter like Floyd Mayweather Jr who generally doesn’t look at match up recording to prepare, this could offer several issues early in the Ortiz vs Mayweather fight, as being shown in May’s bout against Zab Judah.

In addition, for a defensive boxer, an effective assailant will always make life unpleasant within the ring. A boxer who depends on building distance like Floyd doesn’t choose to be pressed against the ropes, specifically against a greater and stronger fighter, as being shown in May’s bout with Jose Luis Castillo.

Victor Ortiz also is a genuine puncher. Floyd hasn’t fought against a fighter with this form of attacking expertise since Diego Corrales back in 2001. Though he took Chico to school, Floyd was 24 during the time and not 34. He also wasn’t coming off of a considerably long period of inactivity.

Although PBF hasn't displayed the harmful effects of his age or inactivity, when inspecting the match-up against Ortiz, these specifics have to be taken into account.

Even though Victor Ortiz answered his detractors with the outstanding success against former undefeated champion Andre Berto, he nevertheless has much to prove to many boxing commentators.

Victor Ortiz nevertheless hasn’t assured his obstructers that he is capable of performing next to a fighter having an evenly iron will. There are many constant pundits who still aren’t positive that Victor who crumbled mentally against tough Argentine Marcos Maidana has left the building.

What is also alarming could be the quantity of abuse Victor Ortiz took when he faced a wide punching foe like Marcos Maidana .

If the brick handed junior welterweight may hit an excellent percentage of shots up against the young Kansas boxer, Floyd could have tee time for 12 rounds, right? Perhaps.

Maidana had the aggresive one on his heels for a good portion of the match up, and although Mayweather has aggressive strength, it’s not really a given that he has the level of strength that could keep Ortiz honest for 12 rounds.

You will find a considerable amount of “what ifs” concerning this Mayweather vs Ortiz fight, but another thing is definite, if this bout in fact is fulfilled, Floyd should have much more honor than most are happy to give him.