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Monday, August 8, 2011

Expert Predictions on Mayweather-Ortiz Fight

Many are already frantic to see Floyd Mayweather Jr versus Victor Ortiz on September 17 inside the see-out MGM Grand Arena. The fight, titled as Star Power, will be televised on HBO pay-per-view. Boxing enthusiasts and analysts have different views of the fight but 95% are favor of Floyd winning the super-fight.

Victor Ortiz, who recently won against the then undefeated Andre Berto, will defend his WBC Welterweight Belt. The fight will have no "catchweight", it will happen at the 147 lbs division. If someone is above the weight limit, he will be penalized.

On a recent video (see below) released by HBO (Home Box Office), experts shared their predictions on what will happen in the Mayweather vs Ortiz showdown. Many predicted that Floyd will win this fight but Ortiz will give Floyd a hard time.

"I'm facing one of the best fighters of all time," Ortiz said. "It was a dream of mine as a little kid," he added. "I can't overlook Victor Ortiz," said Mayweather during the Mayweather vs Ortiz press conference.

"If you add all those ingredients together, it makes for a compelling match," said George Willis, a columnist of New York Post. "I think it will be a lot more competitive than many people think, maybe I think right now," he added. "I still think Floyd has tremendous talent and he is the best out there so I see him winning the fight.

According to Bert Sugar, a boxing historian, "Floyd is brilliant at what he does. What does he do? He's a great defensive fighter then he draws the lead then he counters with precision". When asked who will win, he answered "I think Floyd in a late round knockout. Yeah, he is the Floyd Mayweather Jr of old".

"I think Victor Ortiz is a wildcard," said Tim Smith, a columnist of NY Daily News. "And I think anytime you have a wildcard there is a certain amount of entry that is young, strong and powerful".

"This guy Victor Ortiz is a great young fighter. He is a southpaw which Floyd historically has had trouble with but he comes straight at you. If Floyd doesn't handle anybody quite as well at guys that come straight at you so expect Victor to put up a great fight but I pick Floyd to win in classic Floyd fashion", according to Chris Mannix, a staff writer of Sports Illustrated. "I learn my lesson a long time ago to stop picking against Floyd because every time I do I get bitterly disappointed on the outcome."

"Victor is very tough, he is very rugged, I think we saw it in his last fight against Andre Berto that he is very durable, he's got the chin. I do think Floyd is the premiere fighter of this generation and I think he's gonna do enough to get away with the victory," as predicted by Bryan Graham, a writer of Sports Illustrated.

"We're gonna see a great fight, I don't know, again, what's type of shape Mayweather's gonna be in. We know he can take a punch if he is back to his 'Maywether fighting abilities', then it's gonna be very difficult for Ortiz to win this fight," said Tom Umstead, a programming editor of Multichannel News.

"Experience is a vast, vast advantage for Floyd in this fight," said one Boxing Analyst. "It's gonna be an exciting fight but I think that Floyd comes out on top."

There you have it, the predictions of some of the experts of boxing. Mayweather is the favorite but Ortiz is expected to have a surprise.

The Floyd Mayweather vs Victor Ortiz fight will be on Saturday, Sept 17. Broadcast will start at 9 pm ET / 6 pm PT.

If you have your own predictions on the upcoming fight, please share it on the comment box below.