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Friday, April 22, 2011

Prediction: Pacquiao will be the first to KO Mosley

According to many sources, they believed that Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao of the Philippines will be the first to win a knockout against “Sugar” Shane Mosley of America - I'm with them.... But here's the point.

Mosley who won his first 38 fights and most of them by KO was one of the best welterweights of his era. His winning streak only ended when he fought Vernon Forrest. 6 months later, he asked for a Vernon Forrest rematch and he lost again. After his first of two wins against Oscar dela Hoya in September 2003, he fought Winky Wright twice and lost twice.

Shane Mosley has been notable for his fights against Antonio Margarito, Luis Collazo, Fernando Vargas and Ricardo Mayorga among many others. Even with his 6 defeats, he only lost to only four different boxers including Miguel Cotto in November 2007 and Floyd Mayweather Jr in May 2010. No one has ever won against Mosley in a KO. The question is, will Pacquiao be able to KO Mosley in May?

Pacquiao is currently hailed as the best in the sport today, if not all time. He is the pound-for-pound number 1 and the only boxer to win eight different championship belts in eight different weight divisions.

I personally believed that Pacquiao will KO the 39 year old Mosley when they collide atop the ring inside the MGM Grand Arena in front of 17,000 fans watching live and millions of people watching the Showtime PPV. Pacman is just too fast and too strong vs Mosley. He has the proper trainings and conditionings that can possibly KO Shane even in the first few rounds of their fight. But my prediction is this - Shane Mosley will be kayoed in the 9th or 10th round of the Pacquiao vs Mosley fight.

Pacman does not want to do what he did to Ricky Hatton a few years back. He wants to give the people the biggest bang for their buck by pretending he can’t finish Shane early on. He will try his best to keep away from the strong hooks of the Pomona native until the late rounds where Mosley is expected to tire out. Shane is just too old for Manny, he will turn 40 years old on September 7, 2011 and his endurance to reach the 12th round is already in question. Pacman knows Mosley will be easily kayoed in the later rounds so this will be the time he will give Shane his barrage of punches and put him on the canvass.

What is your own prediction?