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Friday, April 8, 2011

Mosley to make good use of Pacquiao's weaknesses

Less than a month to go before the Pacquiao vs Mosley mega-fight will happen at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. In a recent interview by on Sugar Shane, the Pomona native believes that he can exploit Pacquiao’s weaknesses when they fight on May 7.

Every day, Shane becomes more and more confident as the fight draws near. He is currently training in Big Bear, California with his Coach Naazim Richardson.

"We all have flaws, but are we able to capitalize on those flaws? With Pacquiao, he throws so many punches; he fights with so much fury. But I think I will be able to exploit them. I think it's my speed, the power, even my size, will make it easy to get to those spots." according to Mosley in his interview.

Manny Pacquiao is expected by many to win the fight. He has been on a 13-win streak and Mosley is no different from the recent fighters Manny faced in terms of power and speed.

Sugar Shane is an entertaining boxer because he throws a lot of punches just to get inside the defense of his opponent and throw his own flurry. Pacquiao also do the same thing, which is vert entertaining to watch for a boxing match. “We all know that Pacquiao has flaws”, said Mosley. He will capitalize on those errors and subject Manny to hard fight and possibly pull an upset and get the WBO Welterweight Belt.

Mosley, in most of his professional boxing career, has been fighting as a Welterweight and Lightweight and has won most of his fight in those divisions. He is 3-division champion and definitely knows how to fight in a championship match against a hard-hitting opponent. Shane is the only boxer to defeat Oscar dela Hoya twice.

Pacman’s weakest spot is his chin and mid-section based on his previous fights several years ago. If Pacquiao throws combinations, Shane Mosley will also throw his own leaving both of their defenses vulnerable to a KO punch. Mosley is a more accurate puncher compared to Antonio Margarito and he has the ring intelligence comparable to Manny. He loves to fight fire with fire. On May 7, let’s see if Shane can exploit the weaknesses of Pacquiao and win.

Pacquiao vs Mosley is promoted by Top Rank Promotions. Watch the online live streaming for $54.95 via Showtime pay-per-view.