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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pacquiao seriously trains for the Mosley fight

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao recently ended his high-altitude training in Baguio, Philippines and then went to Hollywood, California to train at the Wild Card Gym owned by his celebrated trainer, Freddie Roach. It’s about a month to go before Manny takes on “Sugar” Shane Mosley, a native of Pomona, California who has been a 3-division world champion.

Pacquiao is not taking Sugar Shane lightly. He believes Mosley is very hungry to get a win because his last two fights were not impressive. Currently, Pacman is hailed as the number 1 boxer in the world, pound for pound, and many are expecting he will win. But on the contrary, Team Mosley believes they will be able to pull an upset on May 7.

The Pacquiao-Mosley fight is for the WBO (World Boxing Organization) Welterweight Belt, currently held by Manny. The fight will be held at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Manny Pacquiao is now having a closed-door session with Freddie Roach, Alex Ariza and Buboy Fernandez. There are only several people close to Pacquiao who are allowed to get inside the Wild Card Gym as well as the crew of CBS / Showtime who are producing the Fight Camp 360 episodes. Those people who don't have any official business to Pacquiao are advised to stay out. This way they will be able to take Pacquiao out of distractions and focus on his upcoming Mosley fight.

Pacquiao is serious in training. He trains every day and works hard to improve his speed and power. He wants to be the first boxer to KO Mosley. He sometimes spar with Amir Khan, who is scheduled to be in the Khan vs McCloskey fight on April 16.

Shane Mosley, on the other hand, is also not taking Manny Pacquiao lightly. He now trains with Coach Naazim Richardson in Big Bear, California. Mosley’s training camp is all blood, sweat and tears just to get the limelight of the sport once again. Mosley is the only boxer who defeated Oscar dela Hoya twice and his first 30 or so fights in his professional career were all won impressively.

The Pacquiao vs Mosley fight is expected to be very entertaining in the first few rounds. Shane Mosley is predicted to tire in the later rounds because Pacquiao is just way too powerful and fast for him. Predictions from boxing enthusiasts are spread all over the internet and many continue to believe that Mosley has a very low possibility of winning the fight.The last boxer who has won against Pacquiao is Erik Morales, who will be in the Morales vs Maidana fight on April 9.

Mosley’s only way to win is by knocking Pacquiao out. But since Pacquiao is religiously serious in training and conditioning, Mosley’s power will not be enough.