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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Conditioning coach worried that Pacquiao is pushing too hard

Many do not know Alex Ariza yet. Well, he is the strength and conditioning coach of Manny Pacquiao. His duty is to make sure Pacman is at his best physical condition all the time and especially during his forthcoming fight versus Sugar Shane Mosley.

While other strength and conditioning coach worries that their boxers don’t train hard, Manny Pacquiao and Alex Ariza is the complete opposite.

Pacman trains really hard for the fight ahead of him and he is not looking past Shane Mosley, a former three-division world champion rated at welterweight, light middleweight and middleweight. Shane is naturally big and strong. He walks about 160 lbs and continues to condition his body everyday even without a scheduled fight. Mosley last fought in September 2010 against Sergio Mora and it ended a draw. Prior to that he fought the undefeated fellow American Floyd Mayweather but lost to a unanimous decision. This time, Mosley is very hungry for a win and he believes Pacquiao is the perfect opponent for him.

Manny is a warrior and doesn’t back out from an exchange of punches. “The more you punch Manny, the more he wants to hit you back,” said Mosley. He believes that Manny is a “killer” inside the ring but they are prepared and they know how to defeat the Pacman.

Pacquiao is relentless in training. He spars 12 rounds with 4 different boxers every day. He wakes up in the morning to jog in different locations in California together with the team. Even with his extensive training, Pacquiao still found the time to record a 1970s hit together with renowned singer and songwriter Dan Hill. In fact, the single “Sometimes When We Touch”, a duet between Pacquiao and Hill will be released in a couple of days.

With all of the other things Pacquiao is doing, he still trains very hard for the upcoming Pacquiao vs Mosley mega-fight. Ariza believes Pacquiao is doing everything already and still pushing himself above the limit. But still found the time to relax and enjoy what he loves doing. Ariza is a bit worried on Pacquiao because he doesn’t want to slow down. He might suffer from muscle spasms or body malaise when he fights vs Mosley.

“Don’t worry Alex, I’m fine. I just want to ensure a win”, said Pacquiao who knows not only Ariza is concerned with his focus but also his Trainer Freddie Roach and assistant coach Buboy Fernandez. Even though Pacquiao’s ultimate target is to win by knockout against Shane Mosley, he believes “a KO will come naturally”. All in Pacquiao’s mind when he fights Shane Mosley is to win, even if it takes him 12 long rounds – because he is prepared for it.

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