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Friday, April 29, 2011

Mosley is sharp at training camp

American professional boxer, Shane Mosley, and his coach Naazim Richardson have expressed their confidence that they will win against Manny Pacquiao on May 7. They even believed that they will win in a knockout in the late rounds. The team has divulged their fight strategy to the public and their plan is to start punching big shots early and turn Pacquiao into a defensive fighter thus controlling the fight in the later rounds.

Mosley looks razor-sharp at his training camp in Big Bear, California a high-altitude location, 2 hours away from Los Angeles. This has been the best training camp of Shane Mosley so far and it’s like training for Oscar de la Hoya – whom Mosley got the distinction of winning twice. At his age of 39, Sugar is tagged as “old” or “at the twilight of his career” because he only won 2 of his last five fights.

Manny Pacquiao, the first active boxer to become a congressman, is also having a great training camp and he is not slowing down. He believes Mosley is a difficult opponent because of his intelligence inside the ring that comes with power and speed. People at Pacquiao’s camp including trainer Freddie Roach and conditioning coach Alex Ariza advised Manny to ease a bit because he might be pushing too hard in training for this upcoming Pacquiao vs Mosely mega-fight, which might be bad for him and cause him to lose his WBO World Boxing Organization) Welterweight Belt.

Analysts said that Mosley has power in both his hands and if Pacquiao is tagged with just one solid blow, it could be the end of the night for him. Mosley’s punches are fierce that’s why he has a higher KO rate compared to Pacquiao. His last victory, against Antonio Margarito in 2009, was very impressive.

Antonio Margarito was Pacquiao’s last foe but it took him 12 long rounds to be declared a winner but Margarito suffered a damage orbital bone and had to be rushed to the hospital after the fight.

Richardson believes that Shane Mosley will pull an upset when he fights the number 1 name in boxing today, Manny Pacquiao. They are taking away all the distractions in camp and their only focus is the fight ahead of them. On May 7 in the Mosley Pacquiao fight, they believed they will be sharper than a razor.

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