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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Yellow gloves for poverty and unity

Yesterday, during the final press conference of the Pacquiao vs Mosley fight, Pacman said he will be wearing yellow gloves when he fights Sugar Shane this Saturday, May 7th at the MGM Grand Arena. He also encouraged the Filipino community and all his fans who will be watching to wear yellow shirts to support his call to fight poverty in the Philippines and unity of all the people in the world.

Shane Mosley, a former champion in three weight divisions – welterweight, super-welterweight and lightweight – will definitely see yellow stars when he fights Manny. This is the first time a boxer will use a yellow-colored glove in a fight. Traditionally, only red, black and burgundy are allowed to be use during a boxing match.

Because of Manny Pacquiao’s popularity, the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino will surely be full of the color yellow. Many don’t understand why Manny chose yellow, when yellow is the color of the current President of the Philippines. In 2010, Manny Pacquiao supported a different presidential candidate which carried the orange color. Manny Pacquiao should’ve chosen orange as his boxing gloves, but since he wants unity to all the Filipinos in the world, he will wear yellow-colored gloves to support the administration’s fight for corruption and poverty.

"All my life I have had to fight. At first, as a child, I had to fight just to get something to eat," said Pacquiao. "I believe this world needs new heroes. The biggest fight in my life is not in boxing, but it is now to end poverty in my country."

Pacquiao dropped-out from high-school because of extreme poverty. He had to sell foods and other things in the streets just to help his mother, Dionisia Pacquiao, financially. His parents divorced when he was still in 6th grade but his mother didn’t take them for granted. She did everything she can to provide food for the family.

Manny lived in General Santos for years. He went to Manila to find work and started boxing. It was then the start of his long and very successful journey.

The 39-year-old Shane Mosley has a height advantage of 3 ½ inches and reach advantage of 7 inches. He is probably the fastest and strongest opponent Pacquiao will face.

Even though Mosley is the heavy “underdog” and most boxing enthusiasts says that Manny is going to win easily against Shane, Manny never discounted his opponent and continued to train hard for the fight even to the last minute of the training sessions.

Sugar Shane is very prepared for the upcoming Pacquiao vs Mosley fight. When asked about being an underdog, he answered: “That’s fine. My goal is to get the victory and the win. We can talk about me being the underdog after the fight. I can do all the things I used to do five years ago. Don’t ask me about 10 years ago because I can’t remember back that far.”

Manny Pacquiao had the best training camp so far. He believes the Pacquiao vs Mosley fight will be very entertaining because he knows how focus Mosley is for this upcoming mega-fight. He is hoping to prevent Mosley from going the distance by knocking him out.

“I am 100 percent and I would never underestimate Mosley,” Pacquiao said. “He is not old. He moves like a 31-year old, and he still has a lot of speed.”

This will be Manny’s 7th fight in the MGM Grand. His current record is 4-1-1. Will he add one more win after the fight versus Mosley?

Let’s wait and see. May 7, it’s going down!

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