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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pacquiao to win a hard-fought battle versus Mosley

Many boxing analysts thinks Manny Pacquiao will win easily in his fight fight versus American Shane Mosley. Pacquiao, who is not new to breaking the improbable, will try to be the first boxer to score a stoppage against Mosley. In Shane’s six losses, no one has ever stopped him from going the distance. The only boxer to come close to a knockout victory was the late Vernon Forrest, the first boxer to hand Sugar Shane is first defeat.

Many agree that Shane is a solid boxer and clever inside the ring. His age speaks for himself and he gets new experiences every time he is out there to box. Even at 39 years old, he continues to punch like a 30-year old boxer. The only problem with veteran Shane Mosley is his endurance to reach 12 rounds. He has shown this problem in his last two fights. Mosley was impressive in the first 3-4 rounds of those fights. In the later rounds, his power punches are no longer powerful and his stamina is already consumed.

Mosley poses a threat to Pacquiao’s WBO welterweight crown this Saturday. In the first few rounds of the fight, Pacquiao better be careful with the solid rights of Shane. Mosley’s strategy will be to start fast and strong so Pacquiao will turn into a defensive fighter. If Sugar hits Pacquiao with solid blows to the body in the early rounds, the later rounds will be in favor of him. If Shane is not able to hit his power punches at Pacquiao in the early going, his energy in the later rounds will no longer be at par against the 32-year old Manny Pacquiao.

Pacman, a congressman in the Philippines, the first active boxer to achieve such feat, will be all out in the first few rounds. If he wins this fight, he will forever remember May 7, 2011 by winning a hard-fought battle against one of the toughest opponents in the welterweight division.

Mosley is stronger and faster than Antonio Margarito. It’s evident because he is the only boxer to hand Antonio his KO loss. Shane has a height advantage of 3 ½ inches over Pacquiao and his reach advantage is 7 inches.

This Saturday we will see if Mosley, win or lose, will give Pacquiao a hard-fought fight.

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