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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The WILL, the PASSION and the HEART to win

We are very close to seeing one of boxing’s most anticipated match-up - Mayweather vs Mosley. It has been said a long, long time ago that whoever has the biggest heart during fight night will win the game. Who R U Picking? Floyd Mayweather or Shane Mosley?

The Mosley vs Mayweather fight has divided boxing fans with Mayweather as the favorite but with not that much of an edge against Mosley. Because of Mayweather’s “Zero”, a lot of people thought he is already boxing’s superstar and the man who can beat him is not yet born. Floyd is one who brags about his money and how he gets a lot of people to watch him when he fights. He blusters about his PPV and gate numbers and says his name is very popular in the boxing scene that people look up to him as the King of Boxing.

Mosley on the other hand is a humble fighter. He has 5 losses and has been noted to fight a lot of prime boxers. His 2 upsets against the Hall of Famer Oscar dela Hoya has been one of his notable fights. Shane Mosley is telling everyone that he will be Floyd’s best opponent so far. With his speed and hand skills, he has the ability to KO Mayweather in any round. He punches the puncher, he slugs the slugger and he boxes the boxer. Mosley is all about the WILL to win and hopefully he can prove to the world that he can beat Floyd Mayweather and then Manny Pacquiao to have a “Cinderella” ending.

Mayweather is a boxing sensation and a money maker. He has showed the world that he can outclass Mexico’s Juan Manuel Marquez, he has demonstrated how to stop Britain’s top boxer, Ricky Hatton and he has proved that he can beat the Golden Boy. In the upcoming Mayweather vs Mosley fight he will show us his PASSION on winning.

But even if Floyd Mayweather is undefeated, he has showed signs that he can be defeated. He has some “chinks in the armor” which Mosley can exploit. During the fight against Zab Judah, Floyd has showed flaws in the early rounds but has done several techniques to change the game in the later rounds. In the fight against Oscar dela Hoya, Floyd almost lost but luckily got the Split Decision from the judges. These two fights are Naazim Richardson’s favorite tapes and have likely made a blueprint on how to defeat the “Moneymaker”.

Mosley is telling the world that May 1st will be an upset and will try to deliver a KO win. His stoppage against Antonio Margarito in January 2009 proved to the world that he still has the ability to KO one of the best Welterweights. He doesn’t care about the underdog tag and telling everyone that during his fight against Margarito, people were worried about his health and Margarito is going to retire him. But what happened? If Margarito didn’t put on his Kryptonite, Mosley could have win before the 6th round.

According to Mosley, the first round will be putting some traps and determine what Floyd is going to reveal. He said that he’s probably able to tell from the first bell what kind of fight it’s going to be.

Mosley vs Mayweather is going to be a hell of a fight. The both addressed nagging criticisms about each other during the last press conference. Mayweather told everyone last Wednesday that he don’t know how many fights Mosley fought clean, recalling the incident where Shane used performance-enhancing drugs 7 years ago.

Mosley told Mayweather that he (Floyd) deserves credit for taking this chance to fight him as he stands as the toughest opponent Mayweather has fought in his entire career. Mayweather has been criticized for failing to engage in a classic brawl.

Mayweather has always been reluctant to acknowledge Mosley’s talent and has said Mosley is “just a fighter” not like him an “entertainer” and can make things happen. He is proud of saying that he’s the boxer to “take less punishments” in bouts. Mosley called Mayweather “a special fighter” and told Floyd that it will take unusual efforts to beat him.

Prior to the Mayweather vs Mosley bout on May 1, the U.S Anti-Doping Agency or USADA has subjected the two fighters to four blood draws and eight urine tests in a random manner. This will prove that they are both clean once they enter the ring. This is not required by the Neveda State Athletic Commission but since Floyd insisted on doing such tests, Mosley has no choice but to agree.

Richard Schaefer an executive of Golden Boy Promotions is favoring Shane Mosley to win in this bout and he doesn’t want to hear another word about Mosley’s use of BALCO in 2003. He credits Mosley that he can show to the world that he is the best boxer.

Hours from now we will be witnessing the Mosley vs Mayweather classic bout. We all have our bets, we all have our predictions and we all have our prayers on who will win the fight. Will it be Floyd Mayweather? Will it be Shane Mosley? I tell everyone, whoever has the biggest HEART on May 1, 2010 at MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada will be the one to “bring home the bacon”.

Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream is available online. Just be sure to have the compatible software to view the channel.