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Friday, April 16, 2010

At the apex of their career

This coming May 1st at Las Vegas, Nevada will be an all out Mayweather vs Mosley war. Floyd Mayweather with a perfect record of 40 wins with 25 wins by way of knockout and 0 losses is expected to be a boring fighter, doing the same shoulder curls and defenses he did in the dela Hoya fight. Shane Mosley with a record of 46 wins with 39 wins by way of knockout, 5 losses and 1 no contest, is anticipated to bring on the fire once the bell rings at the MGM Grand.

Mosley who recently won against Antonio “Tijuana Tornado” Margarito where he almost killed him with those super-sick punches, is coming up to the ring with Mayweather, not only for the money he will get after the fight but also the pride and opening door to fight the world’s number 1 pound for pound boxer, Manny Pacquiao.

Whoever losses in the Mayweather vs Mosley boxing match will surely end his career. Why? Let me give you a couple of reasons. Mayweather, who was picking light punchers in the last couple of years, is now picking one of the best in the Welterweight division,  the other best in this weight class together with Shane Mosley are Manny Pacquiao and of course Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather have decided to fight the “lesser evil” opponent as he don’t want Manny Pacquiao to give him his first loss. Mosley who is 2nd best to Pacquiao is Floyd’s next option and leaves Floyd no choice but to fight Mosley to get a good paycheck and a spectacular ending in his boxing career after this fight. I don’t see a Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight happening in the future as Mayweather will continue his demands for random drug testing and Pacquiao will never ever give in.

If the Mayweather vs Mosley becomes a win for Shane it will start rumors to have a Mosley vs Pacquiao fight but I don’t see this happening too. Mosley is already 38 years old and his punches have already degraded. He is no longer the same Shane Mosley 3 years ago, who fought prime fighters and who has the perfect hand speed and lateral movements. He may be able to outbox Floyd but won’t take the latter to the canvas.

Floyd at 33 years old may win in the Mayweather vs Mosley Fight next month but will be very hard for him. In his last 5 fights, he was very picky with his opponents, choosing them from a lower weight division. In the next two years, Mayweather will reduce his hand speed and defense due to aging which will be a deciding factor for him to retire for good after this fight and focus on his Mayweather Foundation and Promotions.

This is the Pinnacle fight for both Floyd and Shane. The Mayweather vs Mosley is expected to get as high as 3 million PPV buys as it is strategically promoted by Golden Boy Promotions and HBO. After this fight both fighters will decide to end their career as a boxer but may continue to be in the boxing genre.

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